Northern Arizona technology startups can find resources at NACET
Senestech, a NACET client company


SenesTech is a biotech company specializing in reproductive physiology. Its mission is to develop nonsurgical methods for controlling reproduction in rodent and wildlife populations — methods that could profoundly increase food production throughout the world.
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Algae Biosciences, a NACET client company

Algae Biosciences

Algae Biosciences Corporation has developed patented alge production technology to harness the potential of the most abundant untapped resource on earth. This technology can produce multitudes of algae-related products, from aquaculture to vaccines, for diverse markets. [next »]

Motor Excellence, a NACET client company

Motor Excellence

Motor Excellence is developing a disruptive electric motor and generator technology with broad potential applications ranging from automotive to industrial, defense, and consumer products.
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Quantance, a NACET client company


Quantance is a semiconductor startup that has developed and patented technology innovations in RF transmit chain efficiency that significantly increases signal power while requiring less battery power. [next »]


2225 East Gemini Drive
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
(928) 213-9234

From innovation to enterprise... we help technology startups succeed.

NACET is a small-business assistance program founded to help entrepreneurs and startups succeed in northern Arizona. We offer hands-on consulting to high-tech, science, and renewable energy firms.

Perhaps even more importantly, we understand the power of matching great ideas with the right resources. We not only link client companies to specialty labs and equipment, intellectual property, and capital resources, but we also create synergies through an extensive network of faculty, staff, interns, and alumni from local academic institutions. In fact, our work is made possible through collaborative relationships with the City of Flagstaff, the Northern Arizona Council of Governments, Northern Arizona University, and many others in the local business community.

Why is NACET so important?

Our ultimate goal is to create much-needed, high-quality job opportunities. We offer a state-of-the-art facility on McMillan Mesa, where our clients can benefit from our services and rent flexible, affordable office and lab space. Our facility also provides shared office equipment and administrative support services, as well as a place to host “real world” trainings for entrepreneurs and quality networking opportunities.

Clean energy

In the news...

Our latest tenant is relatively quiet and solitary — but hard to miss. The city has purchased two 30-foot-tall wind generators from Southwest Windpower. Learn more...

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